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Where art and music blend with the queer, the mystical and the macabre.

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Mar 4

After a long hiatus and an arduous test of our resolve, we are pleased to announce that Café Bloodthirsty is effectively back from the dead. We are, at long last, presently securing a small venue where our growing family of deviants shall begin to take root. Until then, we will endeavour to foster ...Read more

Oct 31 2023

Masks off! It's Hallowe'en! 'Tis the eve devoted to all things dark and dead so drink it in while you still can. However you celebrate the thinning of the veil this year, we at Café Bloodthirsty wish you a Blessed Samhain.

Oct 14 2023

Blessed Friday The 13th Celebrating The Divine Feminine Considered to be the "Day Of The Goddess ," Friday The 13th celebrates the Divine Feminine and is said to bring about good fortune. Friday is the day of the week that celebrates Venus, the goddess of love, sensuality, and fertility. The Latin...Read more

Oct 14 2023

Welcoming October "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness," as W B Yeats once so fittingly described it, Autumn is a time of year associated with the harvesting of crops, when the air turns crisp and the ground is showered with vibrant reds and oranges from fallen leaves. It is the period between ...Read more

Sep 29 2023

We've now reached another milestone at 150 signatures, thanks in no small part to the students of the University of Galway. We are beginning to coordinate with like-minded groups and organisations to support our queer youth and provide a space that is welcoming of all our deviants. This would hardly...Read more

We are a kink-positive, queer-inclusive, woman-centred venue, proudly owned and operated by Irish trans deviants.

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